Fishing Report June 02, 2022


We finished up a great Memorial weekend. I would first like to thank the men and women who are currently serving  and who have served in our armed forces. Thanks you for your dedication and sacrifices for our country. For the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, You are gone but NEVER forgotten. We are able to enjoy our freedoms because of you. 

How’s Fishing? This past weekend was amazing! The weather was great, the stream was beautiful and the fishing was fantastic!

 We have had a little rain this week though the stream is still looking good. So what was working this week. For the fly fisherman, the black and olive colors in the leaches and woolly  buggers worked great. The cream and white mop flies were also a big hit. Powderpuff Pink and the black marabou jigs seem to be getting the job done in Zone 1 and 2. Zone 3 anglers were saying that the yellow PowerBait and red salmon eggs were what the fish were biting on. With the salmon eggs- Adding multiple eggs to a straight hooks was how a majority of the anglers were using them.

We have a chance of rain again on Saturday but should be a fairly nice weekend. Have a wonderful and safe weekend and see you on the stream!

Willard Bennett from Milan, Mo

Stream Conditions

Bennett Spring -Most recent instantaneous- Gage Reading- 2.67 @  12:00 CDT 

Niangua River- Most recent instantaneous- Gage Reading- 2.57 @  12:00 CDT

Zone 1 or 2
Marabou -Powder Puff Pink or black.

Olive or black woolly buggers
Zone 3

Pautzke Salmon Eggs

Lunker board 

 Ethan from Macon, MO 2 lbs with black and yellow Rooster Tail  in Zone 2

Shane from Bevier, MO - 2lbs in Niangua with Orange PowerBait 

Upcoming Events for June

June 11th- Natures Impact on Mental Health-The program is free and explores the many ways nature can support mental health. Many outdoor activities, interpretive demonstrations and mental health resources will be present.

June 25th- Crazy Flies of Bennett-Join expert John Walther for a demonstration on how to create the 12 Crazy Flies of Bennett.  

Fishing Quote of the Week “I got 99 problems and fishin' solves all of em” – Earl Dibbles Jr.

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