Fishing Report for March 18, 2022

Fishing report

How's Fishing?

Spring is definitely in the air here at Bennett Spring as the first day of spring is approaching on March 20th. Family's are arriving into town to enjoy their spring break.  Fishing this week has been good. I would say 8 of 10 that come into the store have had a positive week of fishing. The downside is that the water is still murky. The word on the stream is that zebra midges and Rooster Tails are working great.  We have some rain in the forecast for today but on a positive note, Saturday and Sunday looks to have nice weather for fishing. 

See you on the stream.

Matt Mercer from Springfield, MO
Bennett Spring
Gage House reading is 2.19
Discharge levels in cubic feet per second:
Minimum was  in 84 in 1936
25th percentile is 136
Median is 180
Today's reading is 204
75th percentile is 293
Mean is 237
Record high max was  650 in 1973

Niangua River
Gage House reading (water level) is 1.81
Discharge levels in cubic feet per second:
Minimum was 49 in 1996
25th percentile is 109
Median is 258
Today's reading is 281 
75th percentile is 529
Mean is 451
Record high max was 2530 in 2013

"What's Recommended"
Recommendations from the Fly Case
Bennett Blue Cracklebacks

Zone 1 or 2

Mopflies- Olive
Opossum Hair Roaches~ brown and black
Original Tricolor and Lt Roe with Red dot Glo-balls

Marabou - black and yellow with red thread, , Shell and white, shell, and powder puff pink.
Rooster Tails-White, Brown, black sparkle
Trout Buster-brown

Zone 3
Rainbow PowerBait
Glitter White PowerBait
Marshmallow White PowerBait
Salmon Peach PowerBait
Bumblebee PowerBait
Hachery Pellet PowerBait

Weather Forecast
Saturday: High 61 and low 38
Sunday: High 75 and low 40
Monday:High 65 and low 51-chance of rain
Tuesday:High 67 and low 50- chance of rain and thunderstorms
Wednesday:High 52 and low 40
Thursday:High 49 and low 36
Friday:High 58 and low 35
Saturday:High 66 and low 38
Sunday:High 66 and low 43

Windyville MO37.72°N 92.92°W (Elev. 1024 ft)

Lunker Club

Josh from Warrenton, MO-2.25 pounds on yellow Rooster Tail


7:30 A.M.
7:00 P.M.

7:00 A.M.
7:30 P.M.

6:30 A.M.
8:15 P.M.

6:30 A.M.
8:30 P.M.

6:30 A.M.
8:30 P.M.

7:00 A.M.
8:00 P.M.

7:30 A.M.
7:15 P.M.

7:30 A.M.
6:30 P.M.

Daylight Saving Time begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.

Quote of the Week
"The two best times to fish is when it's raining and when it aint."  Patrick McManus

Thanks for reading and happy fishing everyone!

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