Fishing Report

How Fishing? 

The weather has been great the past couple of days.  We have had some nice  cool mornings and evenings along with some good fishing. I have seen angler catching some pretty nice fish- some big and some small but all in all pretty decent fishing. So what's working? Top water flies have been really popular the past couple weeks. Renegades, Griffiths Gnats, Parachute Adams and Quill Gordon's have been working the best. Beetles have also worked really well.

If you like to throw jigs, Ginger marabou and white marabou have been working well. In zone 3- Yellow Powerbait and Orange Powerbait has also been the color of choice for several anglers. 

We look to have another beautiful weekend ahead of us. I hope  everyone has a chance to make it back as the season is narrowing down. Have a great weekend and be safe. 

Bennett with his lunker


Friday-low of 62 and high of 85
Saturday-low of 66 and high of 88
Sunday-low of 69 and high of 92
Monday-low of 64 and high of 950
Tuesday-low of 72 and high of 96
Wednesday-low of 72 and high of 94
Thursday-low of 66 and high of 88
Friday-low of 63 and high of 82
Saturday-low of 62 and high of 80
Kim from Sullivan with a great stringer!
Stream Conditions
Bennett Spring
Zone 1 and Zone 2
Renegade, Parachute Adams, Quill Gordon and   Griffiths Gnat
 Black midge
John Deere and Gray Deere Mini Jig
Jimi Hendrix glo ball
Marabou -Ginger, white and Black and Yellow
Zone 3 Worms, Yellow and Orange Powerbait
Bentley's Secret Bait 
Hunter from Carlise, IA-3.5lbs with crackleback in zone 1
Steve from Laddonia, MO 2.5lbs with white jig in zone 2
Bennett from Butler, MO-2.5lbs with Eric's secret in zone 2
Dakota from Kansas City, MO- 2.5lbs with white worm in zone 3
Glenna from Hannibal, MO, 2lbs with black and yellow marabou in zone 1
Ben from Carthage, IL- 2.75lbs with cream mopfly in zone 1
Upcoming Events in September 
check out for more information on upcoming event at Bennett Spring State Park
Fishing quote of the week!
Gone fishin' — Be back at dark-thirty! ~Author unknown
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