Fishing Report

How's Fishing?
We have had a great weekend at Bennett Spring. The fishing was great and so was the size of the fish. Kids fishing yesterday was also very successful. Kids from all over came to enjoy a free day of fishing before school starts up. The Ozark Fly Fishers and the Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group were at the Spring handing out several awesome prizes and flies to kids. Beetles and dry flies are still working real well.  If you like fishing cracklebacks- It seemed like every angler had a color that was working.  Ginger snap and Salmon seemed to be the hot color for the marabou. The trout magnets-chartreus  in zone three were also a hit this week. I hope everyone had a great weekend. 
Cannon from Lebanon, MO with his 1st catch
Monday-low of 63 and high of 84
Tuesday-low of 62 and high of 86
Wednesday-low of 64 and high of 87
Thursday-low of 63 and high of 88
Friday-low of 66 and high of 89
Saturday-low of 66 and high of 89
Sunday-low of 69 and high of 84
Kids Fishing
 Aiden from Glasgow, MO won the Pflueger rod and reel with 3.5 pounder he caught with a black Rooster Tail in Zone 2!
AJ from Glasgow, MO caught this nice 2 pounder in Zone 2
AJ from Glasgow, MO caught this nice 2 pounder in Zone 2
George from Glasgow, MO with his 3 pounder
Cassidy, Dylan, and Ryker from Clinton Doniphan, MO
Zone 1 and Zone 2
Cracklebacks with Grizzly Hackle-All colors seem to be working well
Renegade and Griffiths Gnat
Zebra Midge and Black midge
John Deere and Gray Deere Mini Jig
White Floss Jig
Marabou Ginger Snap and Salmon
Zone 3 Worms, Powerbait-Salmon Peach Glitter and White
Zach from Savannah, MO-2.5 pounds
Lunker Club
Zachary from Meriden, KS caught this 4 pounder with a tri colored glo ball in zone 2.
Paul from Brighton, IL 2 pounds with white streamer in zone 1
Danny from Mayview, MO-2.5 pound with black and yellow marabou in zone 2
Bob from Wentzville, MO-2 Pounds with white jig in zone 1
Zach from Savannah, MO-2.5 with peach mini in zone 1
Todd from Milan, MO 3.75 with Trout Magnet in zone 3
Rhonda from Lawson, MO- 3.5 pounds with black and yellow in zone 1
AJ from Glasgow,MO-2 pounds with brown Rooster Tail in zone 2
George from Glasgow, MO-3 pounds with black Rooster Tail in zone 2
Aiden from Glasgow, MO-3.5 pounds with black Rooster Tail in zone 2
Jason from Buckner, MO-2.5 pounds with white Nymph in zone 2
Bob from Wenzville, MO-2.5 pounds
Fishing Quote of the week
"There are two types of fisherman – those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish." Author unknown

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck on the stream! Thanks for reading!


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