Fishing report 5/5/2021

Thursday, May 7, 2021

Fishing report 5/5/2021

How's Fishing?
Kids Fishing Day turnout was much lighter than usual .  The events that were scheduled were scattered throughout the park - for example, the hatchery was giving informational tours and the nature center had a bald eagle on display.  It was a beautiful day and the kids that were there seemed to be enjoying themselves.  
The conditions look excellent for fishing this weekend.  Hope to see you there!
Bennett Spring 
date: 5/7/21
Gage house reading is 2.64 feet
Discharge Levels:
Minimum was 84.0 in 1981
25th percentile  154
Median 194
Mean 269
75th percentile  343
Most recent value: 360
Max was 1060 in 1994

Niangua River  
date 5/5/2021

Gage house level is 3.59, On April 29 it reached a high of 4.4
Daily Discharge levels:
All discharge numbers are in Cubic Feet per Second
minimum was 91.7 in 2015
25th percentile is 184
Current level is  889
Median is  436
Mean is 780
75th percentile is 978
Max was 4300 in 2020

What's Working?

From the Fly Case
Pale Evening Dun
Bennett Blue Crackleback
Wooly Buggers- olive, purple, brown
Blue Wing Olive

Zone 1 or 2
white floss jig
orange or chartreuse mopflies
Opossum Hair Roaches~ brown, white
Peacock jigs
John Deere
Chartreuse or Original Tricolor Glo-balls
Peach Fur Bugs
Popsicle Glo-Ballsa
Jimi Hendrix, tri color, chartreuse, or pink  Glo-Balls
Marabou - salmon,  black and yellow,  red and white, orange, or brown Marabou

Zone 3

Fluorescent Orange Powerbait
Glitter White Powerbait
Fluorescent Orange Powerbait Nuggets
Bentley's Secret Bait Garlic or Original

Weather Forecast

Friday: May 7 - 65/41  Mostly cloudy,  24% chance of rain. SW wind 9 mph

Saturday: May 8, 72/60, scattered thunderstorms.  49% chance of rain, wind SSE 11 mph

Sunday: May 9, 63/43 scattered thunderstorms, 56% chance of rain. ENE 14 mph. 

Monday: May 10. 60/46 partly cloudy, chance of rain 18%. wind NE 12 mph

Tuesday:  May 11.  61/47. Mostly cloudy . chance of rain 24%. WSW 8 mph

Wednesday: May 12. 62/47 Few showers. chance of rain 34%,  E 9 mph

Windyville MO
37.72°N 92.92°W (Elev. 1024 ft)


Lunker Club
Jim Parson from Albany, MO
3 pounds on a yellow rooster tail
zone 1
Grant Schmitz from Jeff City
3 pounds on home made bait
zone 3
Courtney Lee from Palmyra, MO
2-1/2 pounds on white power bait 
Rylen Lawrence from Centralia MO
3 pounds on white marabou jig
zone 2
Knox Lawrence from Centralia MO
2.2 pounds on a black & yellow marabou 
zone 2
Eleanor Watson from Jeff City
2 pounds on a minnow 
zone 3
A.J, Westhues from Glasgow MO
2.1 pounds on a john deere 
zone 2
Everett Galbraith from King City, MO
2 pounds on white zekes
zone 3
Karson Tripp from Elkville MO
2 pounds on white floss jig
zone 1
Raina Burggess from Dowell, IL
2 pounds on a green crackleback
zone 1
Keith Rogers from Wellsville, KS
2 pounds on a salmon marabou
zone 1
Katie Case from O'Fallon, MO
2.25 pounds on a cricket fly in zone 2
zone 2
Todd Parke from Vandalia, IL
2-1/4 pounds on a chartreuse glo ball
zone 2

Calendar of Events
Bennett Spring State Park

May 15, 2021~ All about Birds. Nature Center, 10am  For info call 417-532-3925

Weed Cutting May 18th and 19th
Free Fishing For Everyone. This event runs two days 5th and the 6th of June. When: Saturday, June 5, 2021 Time: 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM

June 19, 2021~ All about Birds. Nature Center, 10am  For info call 417-532-3925
Weed Cutting June 22nd and 23rd
July 3 , 2021~ All about Birds. Nature Center, 10am  For info call 417-532-3925  

Weed Cutting August 3rd and 4th
August 21, 2021~ All about Birds. Nature Center, 10am  For info call 417-532-3925  

Weed Cutting September 14th and 15th

September 27, 2021~Ladies Free Fishing Day

Holland Derby
The annual Holland Derby. Fishing derby for fundraising for The American Cancer Society. Derby runs two days - 9th and 10th. Tagged trout are released and win prizes if caught.
When: Saturday, October 9, 2021
Time: 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM

For additional information, please call 417-532-4418 or 417-532-7612.

There is a list at that gives all the details of other activities, such as hikes that are going on at Bennett Spring State Park throughout the year.



6:30 A.M.
8:15 P.M.

6:30 A.M.
8:30 P.M.

6:30 A.M.
8:30 P.M.

7:00 A.M.
8:00 P.M.

7:30 A.M.
7:15 P.M.

7:30 A.M.
6:30 P.M.

Daylight Saving Time begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.

Quote of the Week
Creeps and idiots cannot conceal themselves for long on a fishing trip.
John Gierach

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