Fishing Report

How's Fishing?

We had a couple of really nice rain showers this week along with some really good fishing. The rain did not change the stream much and  is still clear with a normal flow.  So what is everyone using on the stream?  Several anglers are either stripping cracklebacks or using dry flies. Another pretty popular jig this week was the fur bugs. These are comparable to the glow bugs though a little smaller.  In zone 3 worms were very popular again this week. If you enjoy using Powerbait, the White with glitter and  Orange with glitter were reported to be what was working the best. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend and good luck on the stream! 

Stream Conditions 

NIANGUA RIVER gauge height- 1.34-

BENNETT SPRING-gauge height-2.10-

Bobby from Columbia, Mo

Weather Forecast
Sunday Low of  75 and High 95
Monday Low of  73 and High 90- chance of rain
Tuesday Low of 69 and High of 86-chance of rain
Wednesday Low of 68 and High of 89-change of rain
Thursday Low of 65 and High of 91
Friday Low of 64 and High of 90
Saturday Low of 65 and High of 91
Monquail and and his first trout!
Zone 1 and Zone 2
Bennett Blue Crackleback, Golden Crackleback, pumpkin crackleback
Peach, White and Cream Fur Bug
John Deere Mini Jig
Marabou-Shell, salmon or orange.
Zone 3 Worms, Powerbait-Orange with Glitter and White with Glitter
Lunker Club
Jamie from Slidell, MO 3.5 pounds with a worm in Zone 3
Cody from Butler, Mo- 3.25 lbs with "Eric's Secret Lure" in Zone 1
Nate from Massachussetts -2.5 and 2lbs with a mop fly in Zone 1
Tyler from Mendon, MS- 2.25lbs with a white mini jig Zone 1
Alane from Pacific, MO-3 pounds with a shrimp in Zone 3
Fishing Quote of the Week
Sharing the fun of fishing turns strangers into friends in a few hours.” – Eugene Clark
Have a great week-be safe and good luck on the stream. Thanks for reading!

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