Fishing Report

How's Fishing?

We have had normal fishing this week for this time of the year.  The temperature was much cooler compared to last week and we also got a nice rain shower. The rain didn't change the stream or the river. The water is still very clear and moving slow.  Several anglers are stripping cracklebacks this week and seemed to be doing well based on the reports coming in. The bright color glow balls such as the chartreuse and the Jimi Hendrix also seem to also be working very well. We have a couple more weeks before school starts up. I hope everyone has a chance to make it over and do some fishing. Have fun, be safe and good luck on the stream.

Stream Conditions

NIANGUA RIVER gauge height- 1.0-

BENNETT SPRING-gauge height-1.97-

Weather Forecast

Saturday: low 66 and high 73 -rain
Sunday: low 66 and high 87                      Monday: low 71 and high 94
Tuesday: low 71 and high 97
Wednesday: low 75 and high 98
Thursday: low 75 and high 98
Friday: low 74 and high 95
Saturday: low 74 and high 97


Zone 1 or 2
(Bennett Blue Crackleback, chartreuse crackleback, beetles, Copper John

Mop Flies- orange and cream.  
Glow Balls-Jimi Hendrix and chartreuse        
peach fur bug

Marabou -black and yellow, Ginger Snap

Zone 3
Orange PowerBait


Jaykob from Union, MO 2.1lbs with salmon PowerBait 
Fishing quote of the week"Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught." Author Unknown

Dad fishing joke of the week What is the richest fish in the world? A goldfish.

Have a great week everyone, and good luck on the stream.Thanks for reading,Cory

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