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How’s Fishing- We’ve had a great couple weeks of fishing. We have had a bit of rain off and on this past week but not to enough make the fishing bad. A  majority of the fisherman have reported really good fishing. We have had a couple anglers that said the fishing was great but the catching was tougher for them. I was able to get out on Monday and had a pretty decent day. I have now switch to an intermediate line with a 15 ft sink tip. It’s a little different than the full sink, but much easier to throw. I was having the best luck with a pumpkin crackleback and an olive crackleback. 

What’s working? Well, if you haven’t realized it yet, the cicadas are finally here. And yes they are definitely working. In zone 1 and 2 I have heard several good reports of flies tied like or close to a cicada is working well. I have even heard of folks in zone three finding a live cicada and throwing it in. So yes, the cicada would definitely be a go to. Also, mini jigs like glo balls have been pretty popular this week. Orange, tri colored and white have done well. Not to mention the orange mop, it’s also been a go to this week for several anglers.

This weekend is the Missouri Trout Fisherman’s Association tagged trout Derby at Bennett Spring. I will attach a flyer at the bottom. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Good luck be safe and well see you on the spring.

BENNETT SPRING gage height 2.30 feet

NIANGUA RIVER gage height 3.71 feet-

Zone 1 and Zone 2- Marabou-black and yellow, orange, ginger, gingersnap

Mopflies- Cream, orange and Chartreus

White Mega worm, Pink Mega worm

RGN (Ross Glitter Nymph)- Golden Olive or Rust

Mini jigs-Peach or cream Fur Bug John Deere mini jig and Bedspread mini jig- white thread jig and the peacock mini jig with tail

Glow balls orange, Jimi Hendrix, white, peach and the tri-colored original

Zone 3-Corn yellow Power Bait, Orange Spark PowerBait and Salmon Peach PowerBait- White PowerBait, Rainbow Powerbait
Pautzke’s Red label Salmon Eggs 


Bennett Spring Events
Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring

See for more Bennet Spring Events and dates

Have fun, stay safe and tight lines!

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