Fishing Report 3-31-2022

Fishing report

How's Fishing?

This has been a decent week of fishing. The fish this week were much larger as we added 13 more anglers to the lunker board starting on Saturday morning. We saw a variety of lures and flies used this week including crackle backs, Rooster Tails, marabou and mop flies. I made it down to the stream and spoke to several people that had nice full stringers with decent size fish on them.  As forecasted we received some pretty heavy showers on Wednesday.  I  was able to watch a couple different anglers in action catching some fish in the rain. The stream at the first part of this week was much more clear but needless to say this rain has caused the stream to go back to the murky side. The water has risen though we are expected to be dry until the middle of next week so we hope to have a good weekend of fishing.  Also if you're at Bennett Spring on a Wednesday, make sure you stop by the Nature Center for some great fly tying lessons. What a great group of people who are willing to teach you the art of tying or maybe a different technique you don't know about. Either way I guarantee you will learn something.  Have a great weekend everyone.
See you on the stream. 
Rick and Roy not letting the rain slow them down!
Water Levels 

Bennett Spring
Discharge levels in cubic feet per second:
age House reading (water level) 2.97
Discharge levels in cubic feet per second:
Minimum was 84 in 1936
25th percentile is 146
Median is 205
Mean 266
75th percentile is 320
Today's reading 472
Record high max was 1000 in 1973

Niangua River
Gage House reading (water level) is 5.01
Discharge levels in cubic feet per second:
Minimum was 118 in 2016
25th percentile is 207
Median is 435
Mean 552
75th percentile is 590
Today's reading 1910
Record high max was 2590 in 2008 
Zone 1 or 2
Mopflies- cream
White and original tri glo ball
Marabou - black and yellow with red thread, pink and tri colored crawdad
Rooster Tails-Gold and black glitter and skunk
Black and White Zebra midge
Olive Crackleback 
Green Wooly Bugger

Zone 3
Orange glitter Powerbait and white glitter Powerbait

Weather Forecast
Friday: low 28 and high 61
Saturday: low 42 and high 62
Sunday: low 38 and high 68
Monday: low 45 and high 59
Tuesday: low 46 and high 76
Wednesday: low 45 and high 63
Thursday: low 41 and high 61
Friday: low 36 and high 51
Saturday: low 36 and high 62

Windyville MO37.72°N 92.92°W (Elev. 1024 ft)

Lunker Club
Terry from Cedar Hill, MO - 3.5 LBS 
Hunter from Dekalb, MO- 2 pounds with green wooly bugger in zone 1
Robyn from LaGrange, MO- 2.25 pounds with gold and black spinner in zone 2
Jeff from Gray Summit, MO -2 pounds with crawdad marabou in zone1 
Kaitlin from Moscow Mills, MO - 2 pounds with white and yellow Trout Magnet in Zone 3
Danny from Parnell, MO - 2 pounds with cream mop fly in zone 1
Tim from Macon, MO -2 pounds with minnow in zone 3
Kirk from St. Louis, MO - 2.25 pounds with orange Rooster Tail in zone 2 
Chris from Lake Ozark, MO - 2 pounds with crackleback in  zone 1 
Danny from Hannibal, MO -  2 pounds with pink marabou in zone 1
Dustin from Lake Ozark, MO- 2.25 pounds on Bobby Garland in Zone 3
Terry from Cedar Hill, MO - 3.5 pounds with cream glowball in zone  1
Matt from St. Louis - 2.25 pounds with chartreuse mini jig in zone 1
Spencer from Arnold, MO, 2 pounds and 2.25 pounds - both with olive crackleback in zone 1
Upcoming events for April 
Friends of Bennett Fly Tying every Wednesday at  9 A.M to Noon at the Nature Center
Bennett Traditions-Nature Quilt blocks every 4th Thursday of each month
April 8th and 9th -How to build a fly rod 
April 9th- Savanna Trail Hike
April 23rd- Veterans Free Fishing day
April 23rd- All about reptiles 
7:00 A.M.
7:30 P.M.
6:30 A.M.
8:15 P.M.
6:30 A.M.
8:30 P.M.
6:30 A.M.
8:30 P.M.
7:00 A.M.
8:00 P.M.
7:30 A.M.
7:15 P.M.
7:30 A.M.
6:30 P.M.

Daylight Saving Time begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.
Quote of the week
"Fishermen are born honest, but they get over it." Ed Zern
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