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How's Fishing?

It's been warm this week though we have had a great week of fishing. I have to say the top jig this week has to go to the mini jigs.  The ol' Jimi Hendrix and tri color original were very popular along with the John Deere mini jig. But when all else fails the John Deere always gets the job done! These are three very popular mini jigs that have made the trout report many of times. We have several people that have been curious on how to fish the glo balls. A majority of the anglers throw them out with a bobber and let the stream do the work. You can do the same with the John Deere or you can jig it also. All the mini jigs such as the John Deer and glo balls are poured and tied locally by John and Shirley Hudson. Weaver's would like to thank John and Shirley for providing to Weaver's  for the past 20 years. They do a great job and we are very thankful for what they do! I hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck on the stream.

Ellie from Lebanon, MO and Brice from Lewistown, MO

Stream Conditions

NIANGUA RIVER gauge height- 1.04
BENNETT SPRING-gauge height-2.03-
Corynn with her fish!
Weather Forecast
Saturday: low 73 and high 100
Sunday: low 72 and high 91
Monday: low 68 and high 94
Tuesday: low 73 and high 104
Wednesday: low 77and high 102
Thursday: low 71 and high 100
Friday: low 72 and high 104
Saturday: low 77 and high 100 
Bentley trying to catch a lunker!
Zone 1 or 2
(Bennett Blue Crackleback, orange and gray scud
Mop Flies- cream
Glow Balls-Jimi Hendix, Original tri color and Salmon
Marabou salmon, white and salmon, orange and white
Zone 3
Worms, PowerBait-yellow cheese, white, salmon peach with and without glitter and lime twist
Hudson with his first two trout
Lunker Board
Sheri from Gays, IL-5.25 pounds with nightcrawler 
Sean from Overland Park, KS-3.5 pounds with  yellow PowerBait
Knox from Centralia, MO 3.25 pounds with ginger marabou
Donald from Sedalia, MO-2.5 pounds with Orange PowerBait
George from Warrenton, MO- 3 pounds with Pink Nugget
Paul from Augusta, MO- 2 pounds with Tan Mop Fly

Fishing Quote

"I've found the best way to help fish grow is to practice catch and release. Whenever I release a fish it always doubles in size by the time I get home and tell my friends."  author unknown

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