Fishing Report

Braelyn had a great catch!


How’s Fishing? The past couple weeks of fishing have been great. The weather has been perfect for fishing.  This past Saturday we had ladies free fishing and had a great turn out with several nice trout brought up.

So what working?  Here lately it seems like the smaller fly has been the most productive. Midges and nymphs have worked well.  A particular fly like the RGN was the key for me this week. I fished the RGN in the fast water below the spillway and it worked great.  I also did very well stripping a Renegade. The renegade is most generally a dry fly though it can also be fished as a wet fly. Other flies that have worked well is the green and chartreus crackleback.  I won’t forget to mention the Bennett Blue Crackleback as it usually works well.

If you like throwing Rooster Tails, then I would probably go with white as several angler reported the white Rooster Tail was working great. In zone 3 white, salmon peach and salmon red PowerBait was productive.

The leaves are starting to change and fall  is knocking at the door. We only have a couple weeks left of the catch and keep season so get here as November is right around the corner. I hope everyone has a great week! Good luck, be safe and we’ll see you on the stream!

Ladies Free Fishing

Marilyn Madison from Warsaw, MO caught this 2.5 pounder with a Super Duper in zone 2!

Kathy Falconer from Brookfield, MO had a great morning during ladies free fishing

Kathy Middaugh from Ashland, MO caught this 3 pounder with a gingersnap marabou jig

Jamie Heinrichs from Lebanon, MO caught this 3.0 with a homemade fly in zone 2!

Stream Conditions

Gage Height 1.73 feet-
Niangua River gauge height 0.93

Paul Seilhan from Louisville, TN. caught this huge 10.2 pounder in zone 2 using a blue crackleback. Congratulations!!


Cole from Columbia Mo - 2 pounder black and gold marabou zone 1

Bill Hosenfelt from Fulton, MO - 3 pounder with homemade bait in zone 3

Paul Seilhan from Louisville, TN. -10.2 pounder in zone 2 using a blue crackleback

Brenda Eckenroth from Joplin, MO - 2.8 pounder with a brown gulp worm in zone 3

Pat Goodwin from Charleston, IL - 4.37 pounder with homemade dough bait in zone 3

Rick Shoemaker -3.25 pounder with PowerBait in zone 3

Adam from Savanna, MO -5.5 pounder with a green crackleback in zone 1

Adam Prewitt from Savannah - 2.25 pounder in zone 1 using a green crackleback

Bob Scott from Wentzville - 4.25 pounder with a white mini jig in zone 1

Gaye Valle from DeSoto -2 pounder with PowerBait in zone 3!

Kate Normile from Kirkwood, MO - 2 pounder with a black midge in zone 2

Kevin McGrath from Warrensburg, MO caught and released -2.5 pounder with a crackleback in zone 1

David Lewis from Moberly - 3.25 pounder with a minnow in zone 3

Noah Borcato from Labadie, Mo. - 2 1/4 pounder in zone 2 using a glow ball

Marilyn Madison from Warsaw, MO - 2.5 pounder with a Super Duper in zone 2

Jamie Heinrichs from Lebanon, MO - 3.0 with a homemade fly in zone 2

Randy Rasche from Chillicothe, MO - 4.25 pounder with a brown and yellow marabou in zone 1

Alan Reid from Fort Worth, TX- 3 pounder in zone 1 using a cream mop fly

Gayle Siecinsti from Marcline, Mo. - 4 pounder in zone 2 using a black crackleback.

Dominic Biscari from Kansas City, Mo. - 4 1/2 pounder in zone 2 using a white jig

John Wagner from Kansas City, Mo. - 2 pounder using a scud in zone 2


Zone 1 or 2
RGN-Olive, Golden Olive, Olive
Mopflies- Cream, orange and olive
Dry Fly- Renegades, Klinkhammers, Griffiths Gnats, Quill Gordon
Crackleback- Bennett Blue, Olive, Pumpkin or Red
Mini Jigs
John Deere 
Angry Deere
Bed Spread
Bed Spead floss jig
white floss jig
White Mini Jig
white grub mini jig
Glo Balls-Apricot, orange, white, tri color original  and Jimi Hendrix 
Marabou - black and yellow, Light Pink, Crawdad tricolor,-moss and orange
Rooster Tails -Glitter Orange, Glitter Pink, Tensile Brown Trout
Zone 2 
Super Duper- Gold, Silver or Rainbow 
Anything you fish in zone 1 you can also fishing in zone 2
Zone 3
Cheese PowerBait 
Salmon Peach with or without glitter Powerbait
Pink Glitter PowerBait
FL Orange with glitter PowerBait

Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church

October 14th and 15th Holland Cancer Derby

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Good luck and be safe

Thanks for reading!

Cory Bennett


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