Fishing Report

How’s Fishing? Sorry about the late report everyone. It has been very busy the last couple weeks.  It’s starting to slow down here as the end of the 2023 catch and keep season is getting closer. Its crazy to think that October 31 it just around the corner. But its not here yet and you sill have time to make it to Bennett and wet a line.

We have not had near as many lunkers brought up, though the fishing for several folks has been great! I made it down to the stream a couple of times this week and caught several fish. Of course, my fishing buddy which is my eight-year-old daughter, Ellie had to show me up and caught and released yet another lunker for the year.

So what's been working? If you like stripping cracklebacks, the Bennett Blue, chartreus, olive and Pumpkin have been really productive. This past Thursday, I fished next to a fella named Doug from KC. Him and his buddy were drawing a lot of attention as every other cast was a rainbow. Another favorite this past week was the bleeding black and yellow wooly bugger. The top water fishing was pretty good also. I threw elk hair caddis, renegades, Griffiths gnats and black foam beetles and did very well. Glo balls- now this mini jig did some damage on the stream the past couple weeks.   The apricot with the red dot, and the tri color original were a favorite for several anglers.  If you throw marabou, I would probably use, ginger or ginger snap as more than half of the angler that came in reported they were working for them.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and has a chance to make it over this weekend. We are looking to have some beautiful weather which usually brings some good fishing. Good luck, be safe and I’ll guarantee, you will most likely see me on the stream!

Stream Conditions

Gage Height 1.77 feet-
Niangua River gauge height 0.93


Rick Sharpe from Lewistown, MO-2 pound 14oz rainbow with homemade bait in zone 3

Fletcher Ensminger from Kansas City, MO -2 pounder with a white and pink marabou in zone 1

Tony from Lunkers- 4 pound hog with a gold plated ginger snap marabou in zone 1

Jared from Blue Springs, MO caught-2.5 pounder with a white glo ball in zone 1

Ellie from Weaver’s Tackle Store catch and release-2 pounder with a cream mopfly in zone 1

Darren Stickler from St Joseph Mo-3.5 pounder with mouse tail in zone 3

Kelly Kaiser from Camdenton, MO-2.25 with a yellow mini jig in zone 1

Jack Reiter from Troy, MO -3 pounds with an rooster tail in zone 1

Colleen Bryant from Kenosha, WI-3lbs with an orange marabou in zone 1

Jim Lucas from O’Fallon, MO-4lbs with a trout magnet in zone 3 and 4 lbs with an orange fly in zone 2

Joseph Flowers from Macon, MO- 2.75 pounder with a pink and white fly in zone 1

Austin Brown from Auxvasse, MO-3.8 pounder with pink and brown marabou in zone 1

Mitchell Ott from Russellville, MO - 2 pounder with minnow in the Niangua

Jessica from Columbia, MO - 3 pounder with a black and yellow marabou jig in zone 1

Tim B from Kearney, MO-2.8 lbs  with a white jig in zone 2

Zach from Cedar Hill, MO - 2.5 pounder with orange PowerBait in the Niangua River

Alivia Herbel from Warrenton, MO -3 pounder with a white plastic jig in zone 3

James Wear from Overland Park, KS - 3 pounder with a bumblebee Rooster Tail in zone 1

Julian Arroyo from Sedalia Missouri- 2 two pounder with a Salmon egg in zone three

Gage Baker from Fulton, Mo.-2 1/4 pounder in zone one on a white mop fly

Bob Bodensted from St. Charles, Mo- 3.5 pounder on a black and yellow marabou in zone 1

Terry Hendley from Grandview, Mo- 2 pounder in zone 1 with a cream mop fly



From the Fly Case
chartreuse crackleback
Pumpkin Cracklebackbennett blue crackleback
weighted ginger wooly

Zone 1 & 2
marabou - gingersnap, ginger gray, orange, black, or chartreuse marabou
bead head black wooly bugger with flash
white or tan mop worm
john deere mini jig
white floss jig
red and white floss jig

Zone 3
live worms
orange, chartreuse, or marshmallow power bait

Bentley’s Secret Bait

Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church
September 19th and 20th Weed Cutting
September 30th Ladies Free Fishing Day
October 14th Holland Cancer Derby

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Good luck and be safe

Thanks for reading!

Cory Bennett

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