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How’s Fishing? 
We have had another couple of good weeks of fishing. The first part of the week was a bit slower compared to how fishing has been though still good fishing.  The water is moving pretty slow and the trout are really checking out the jig before they grab it. It seemed like anglers who were using 4 pound line were not as successful as the 2 and 3 pound line anglers. Fly fishermen who were were stripping flies did well along with  the spinning rod anglers who were throwing Rooster Tails, Marabou and other fast moving jigs did very well! Dry flies did really well this week- beetles, cicadas and grasshoppers especially during the evenings did well.  I had the chance to get down a couple of times this week with Ellie and some friends. Ellie is really starting to love her fly rod and catching some nice trout! The week day crowd is starting to slow down as schools all around are getting ready to start back up. I hope everyone had a great weekend- good luck, be safe and we’ll see you on the stream!


Stream conditions

Bennett Spring- Gage Height 1.84 feet-
Niangua River gauge height 1.04


  1. Craig Dese from Pleasant Valley, MO-2.5 pounder with a zebra midge in zone
  2. Jeff Hall from LaPlata, MO-2 pounder with a John Deere mini jig in zone 1
  3. Brooke Kuebler from Herman, MO- 2 pounder with a light brown RoosterTail in zone 2
  4. Glenn Cook from Chesterfield -4.93 pounder with a cream mop I’m zone 1
  5. Kenny Atkins from St. Joseph, MO-2.25 pounder with a pink worm in zone 3
  6. Bill Herrick from Sedalia, MO-2.5 pounder with a black woolyin zone 2
  7. Jeff Farley from Liberty, MO-2.5 pounder with a yellow PowerBait in zone 3
  8. Tom Rembe from Iowa-2.25 pounder with a crackleback in zone
  9. Nancy from Wildwood caught this 2.25 pounder with a ginger snap marabou jig in zone 1
  10. Craig Conger from St. Peters, MO-2.25 pounder with a pink glo ball in zone 1
  11. Tyler from Wright City, MO-2 pounder with a shrimp in zone2
  12. Hope from St. Paul, MO-2 pounder with a brown jig in zone 1
  13. Joe Orf from Hannibal,MO-2. 5 pounder with a pumpkin crackleback in zone
  14. Wyatt from Troy-2 pounder with pink worm In zone 3
  15. Lane Swan from Blue Springs, MO-2.75 pounder with red and yellow marabou in zone1
  16. Albert Hosenfelt from Fulton, MO- 2 pounder with Salmon Peach PowerBait in zone 3
  17. Cole Fishburn from Bolivia, MO -2 pounder with a John Deere mini jig in zone 1
  18. Nathan Hill from Hillsboro, KS -2 pounder with a black and gold nymph in zone 1
  19. Bob Drury from Arnold, MO -2 pounder with a white grub mini jig in zone 1
  20. Rich Sabath from Lenexa, KS -2.25 pounder with shell and white marabou in zone 1
  21. Kelsey Bivens from Waterloo, c&r 2 pounder with a cream mopfly in zone 1
  22. Tyler Rothermich from Wright City, M0-2.75 pounder with a ginger marabou in zone 2
  23. Ryan from Olathe, KS 2 pounder on the Niangua 
  24. Dave from Parkville , MO -2.75 pounder with an orange and black marabou in zone 2
  25. Tanner from St Joseph-2 pounder with a squirmy wormy in zone 2
  26. Jamie from St. Louis -2lbs with a white Rooster Tail in z1
  27. Bruce Rush from Summer Hill, IL-2 pounder with cream mopfly in zone 2!
  28. Jack from Harrisburg, MO-2 1/8 pounder with a black and yellow marabou in zone 1
  29. Jarrod Frazier from Jerseyville, Illinois -2 pounder with Corn yellow PowerBait in zone 3
  30. 4 year old Adlyn Palmer -3 pounder in zone 3 with a minnow
  31. David Herman from Jefferson City, MO-2 pounder with a brown road runner in zone 1
  32. Sean Gudde from Holt, MO caught this 2.25 pounder with a dead minnow in zone 3
  33. Amanda Hargis from Clark, MO-2.75 pounder with a wooly and spinner in zone 2
  34. Seth Tate from Lake Saint Louis-2.5 pounder with a crackleback in zone 2
  35. Darryl Cooper caught this 2.25 pounder with a cream mopfly in zone 2


Zone 1 or 2

Mopflies- white, olive, orange and Cream


Zebra midge- red and black

gry scud

Mega worm- white, pink

Dry Fly- Renegades, Klinkhammers, Quill Gordon, Griffiths Gnats, beetles, cicadas 

Crackleback- Olive, Pumpkin, Red, Bennett Blue dun hackle or furnace hackle, Olive with olive hackle,

Mini Jigs

cream fur bug

Peacock jig with tail

John Deere with tail or grub

Angry Deere

Bed Spread

Bed Spead floss jig

white floss jig

White Mini Jig

white grub mini jig

Glo Balls-Apricot with red dot, Lt roe, orange, white, tri color original and Jimi Hendrix 
Marabou - black and yellow, white, ginger snap, ginger, black and red, moss and orange
Rooster - skunk, bumblebee, glitter orange, Glitter Pink, Rainbow Fry

Zone 2 

Super Duper- Gold with red tip, silver with red tip

Anything you fish in zone 1 you can also fishing in zone 2

Zone 3


Salmon Peach with or without glitter Powerbait


yellow Cheese 


Salmon eggs

trout magnets

Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church
September 19th and 20th Weed Cutting
September 30th Ladies Free Fishing Day
October 14th Holland Cancer Derby


I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. Good luck and be safe

Thanks for reading, 


Cory Bennett

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