Fishing Report

Levi and Case from Bathany, MO
How's Fishing? We have had another great week of fishing. Several really nice fish have been caught along with several lunkers. The stream is looking great even with the rain we have received. Yes we finally got some much needed rain. The stream is flowing at a normal rate and the levels are looking good. So what has been working? Several anglers have got into the dry fly this week. Renegades, Klinkhammers, Griffiths Gnats, Quill Gordon- have all been working great. Beetles on top have also been working. The RGN has also been great under an indicator. Did I mention the cream mopfly-yes about every report I mention this. Now some angler call this a gut fly but I fished this jig down at Rock Bridge where you don't clean your fish in the stream and it worked just as well there. So I wouldn't say it is a gut jig. Black and Yellow Marabou jigs which always seem to work well in the mornings at Bennett were also very popular this week, not only in the mornings but for a couple of anglers it worked all day. The tri colored crawdad was also a GO-TO marabou jig this week for several anglers. In zone 3, worms, Salmon Peach PowerBait, Orange glitter PowerBait were working well. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Good luck, be safe and we'll see you on the stream. 
Morgan from Glasgow, MO
Harry Bresler with his 6 pounder
  • Max Sutton from Gravois Mills, MO-2.5 pounder in zone 2 with a red and white marabou
  • David Oyler from Harden, MO-2 pounder with a zebra midge in zone 2
  • Michael Yuncker from Lake of the Ozark-2 pounder with a salmon and white marabou in the Niangua
  • Kaleb Kaiser from Camdenton, MO 3.5 and 4.75 lbs with a marbou in zone 2
  • Kelly Kaiser from Camdenton, MO 3 lbs with a marbou in zone 1
  • Kaleb Kaiser from Camdenton 3.25 lbs with Powder Puff pink marabou in zone 1
  • Kelly Kaiser from Camdenton- 2lbs with apricot glo ball in zone 1
  • Beau Parks from Emporia, KS -4.5 pounds with a black marabou in zone 2
  • Jim Navert from Quincy, IL -2 pounder with a Brassie in zone 2
  • Chanston Fohey from Hannibal, MO- 2.5 pounder with orange and white marabou in zone 2
  • Brayden Faulkner from Whitehall, IL- 2.5 pounder with a pink mega worm in zone 2
  • Matt Diffenderfer from Perry, MO- 2.25lbs in zone 1 with a black rooster tail.
  • Dave Linder from Iuka, IL-5.6 pounder in zone 1 with a black and yellow marabou.
  • Cindy Kinney from Florida- 2.12 lbs with a cleo in zone 2
  • Tom Kinney from Florida- 2 lbs with a Jimi Hendrix glo ball in zone 2
  • Kevin Roach from South Sioux City, Nebraska-2.6 pounder with a blue crackleback in zone1.
  • Zac Hoenes from O’Fallon, MO - 2.125 pounds with a parachute dry fly in zone 1
  • Eric Fitch from Joplin, MO caught a 2.5 and 2.25 pounder with black and yellow marabou in zone 1!
  • Craig Dese from St. Peter's, Mo. 2.25 pounder in 1 on a Jimi Hendrix glow ball.
  • Wesley from Kirkwood, IL -4.8lbs in zone 2 with a pink and yellow jig.
  • Dave O'Brian from Palmyra, Mo - 2.3 pounder in zone 1 with a cream mop fly.
  • Burcin Nalinci from KCMO-2 lbs-with a pink plastic worm in zone 3
  • Travis Rowe from Smithville, MO -2.25 lbs with black and yellow plastic worm in zone 3
  • Dave O'Brien from Palmyra- 2 lbs x 2 with black and yellow marabou in zone 1
  • Kaden Hartman from Columbia, MO- 2.5 lbs with yellow PowerBait in zone 3
  • Harry Bresler-6 pounder with an olive crackleback in zone 1
  • Morgan Kaylor from Glasgow, MO -2 lbs with an orange mopfly in zone 1
  • Leonard Hersh from Lincoln, MO-3.65 lbs with a black rooster tail in zone 1
  • Kale West-3 lbs with orange rooster tail in zone 1.
  • Luke Phillips from Seattle WA- 2 pounder with orange powder bait in zone 3
  • Duane Barnes from Quincy, IL -2.25 pounder with a glo ball in zone 1!
  • Bill Ryan - 3.5 lbs with a crackleback in zone 2
  • Bill Dutson from Troy, MO-2.25 lbs with a black and yellow in zone 1
  • Taylor Hutson from Troy, MO-2.375 lbs with a black and yellow marabou in zone 1
  • Chris DeMoor from Fenton, MO- 2 lbs with black and yellow marabou  in zone 1
  • Jay Code from Maryland-C&R- 3 lbs with a spinner and wooly in zone 1
  • Donald Bixenman from Salisbury -2.25 lbs with orange and white worm in zone 3
  • Kelly Kaiser from Camdenton, MO 2.25 lbsHe zone 1 using a apricot glow ball and black and yellow marabou
  • Eiley Poe from Sullivan, IL. -2.75 pink power bait in Zone 3
  • Kerri Seversen from Hallsville, Mo. caught this 2 pounder in zone 2 using a cream mop fly.
Jim from Effingham, IL


Zone 1 or 2
RGN-Olive, Golden Olive, Olive
Mopflies- Cream, orange and olive
Dry Fly- Renegades, Klinkhammers, Griffiths Gnats, Quill Gordon
Crackleback- Bennett Blue, Olive, Pumpkin or Red
Mini Jigs
John Deere 
Angry Deere
Bed Spread
Bed Spead floss jig
white floss jig
White Mini Jig
white grub mini jig
Glo Balls-Apricot, orange, white, tri color original  and Jimi Hendrix 
Marabou - black and yellow, Light Pink, Crawdad tricolor,-moss and orange
Rooster Tails -Glitter Orange, Glitter Pink, Tensile Brown Trout
Zone 2 
Super Duper- Gold, Silver or Rainbow 
Anything you fish in zone 1 you can also fishing in zone 2
Zone 3
Cheese PowerBait 
Salmon Peach with or without glitter Powerbait
Pink Glitter PowerBait
FL Orange with glitter PowerBait
Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church
August 8th and 9th Weed Cutting
September 19th and 20th Weed Cutting
September 30th Ladies Free Fishing Day
October 14th Holland Cancer Derby

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Good luck and be safe. 

Thanks for reading, 
Cory Bennett

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