Fishing Report

How's Fishing? We have had another good week of fishing. Several nice trout along with several lunkers were brought up. The water is still very clear, low and flowing pretty slow. Several different flies, jigs and lures were used this week to catch some nice fish. We had several anglers who reported great top water action with beetles.  Dry flies such as the griffiths gnat and the renegade were also a couple favorites for fishing the top water this week. Glo balls in apricot, apricot with red dot, orange, white were working very well. Trout magnets seemed to be another popular lure in zone 3. Marabou was also working well in the salmon color and orange color. I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Good luck, be safe and well see you on the stream.
  • Duane Moppin from Platte City, MO-2 pounder with a worm in zone 3 
  • Edwin from Lincoln, Mo.-2 pounder on dough bait in zone 3. 
  • Tony Villanueva from Mountain Grove - 2 pounder with a tensile jig in zone 2
  • Tyler Madden from Mountain Grove-2 pounder with a tinsel jig in zone 1
  • Camdyn Wheeler from Chillicothe, MO - 3.7 pounder with a red rubber worm in zone 3
  • Preston Richter from Holton, KS - 2.25 pounder with pink and white marabou in zone 1
  • Ryan Fletcher from Elkland, MO - 2 trout -both 2 pounds with a Rainbow Rooster Tail in zone 2
  • Ken Harrison from Rockport, IL-2 pounder with Salmon marabou in zone 2
  • John Hanes from Rockport, IL - 3 pounder with Salmon marabou in zone 2
  • Isabella Colborn from Raymore, MO - 2 pounder with white PowerBait power egg in zone 3
  • Kari Pickett Rode from Fair Grove, MO -2.25 pounder with a white mini jig in zone 2
  • Tina Jarvis from Lebanon Mo caught - 2.63 pounder with a cream mopfly in zone 1
  • Pat Goodwin from Charleston, IL catch and release- 3 pound brown with homemade bait in zone 3
  • Gunner Lockard from Camden Point, MO- 2 lbs with a pink marabou
  • Hal Waller from Wildwood, Mo- 2.7 pounder  with a blue trout buster in zone 2
  • Kyle Bishop from Newmelle, Mo. two trout 2 3/4 pounds and 4 3/4 pounds with trout magnet in zone 3
  • Bennett  Myrtle   -2.5 pounder  with “Eric’s Secret” in zone 1
  • Huntlee  Myrtle 3.5 pounder with “Eric’s Secret” in zone 1
  • Justin Simmons from Grove Springs, MO -2 pounder  with a white Rooster Tail in zone 2
  • Larry Schmidt - 4 1/4 pounder with black and red marabou in zone 2.
  • Charlett Richards from Crystal City, Mo-3.6 pounder with a black and yellow marabou in zone1
  • Terry Handley from Grandview, Mo - 2 3/4 pounder with John Deere in zone 1.
  • Jim Hock from St Louis, Mo- 3.8 pounder  with an olive wooly bugger in zone 1 
  • Tracy Unger from Pacific, MO - 5 pounder with a black and yellow marabou jig in zone 1
  • Brad Lipp from St. Genevieve, MO-2 pounder with a brown and orange marabou in zone 1
  • Larry Teel from Springfield, MO-2 pounder with a olive soft plastic jig in zone 3
  • Wesley Persicke from St. James, MO -2 pounder with an orange marabou in zone 1
  • Bryer Bruno from Macon, Mo-2 1/4 pounder  with a bedspread in zone 2
  • Cory Dean from Freeman, MO-5.25 pounder with an orange glo ball in zone 1
  • Kyle Mackaben from Troy, MO-2 pounder with a white trout magnet in zone 3
  • John Bruno from Macon -2.5 pounder with a bedspread mini jig in zone 2
  • Tom Kahle from St. Louis, MO- 2 pounder with a black and olive marabou in zone 1
  • Kelly Kaiser from Camdenton, MO caught this 2.25 pounder with white marabou in zone 1
  • Jason Dane from Park Hills, MO catch and release-2 pound 3 oz with a Jim Bo in zone 1
  • Travis Greever from Fillmore, Mo-2 1/4 pounder in zone 2 on a panther martin.
Fishing Hours
July 6:30am-8:30pm
August 7:00am-8:00pm
September 7:30-7:15pm
October 7:30-6:30pm 



Zone 1 or 2
RGN-Olive or Rust
Mopflies- Cream, orange and olive
Dry Fly- Renegade, Griffith Gnat, Green Beetle
Crackleback- Bennett Blue, Olive, Pumpkin or Red
Mini Jigs
John Deere 
Angry Deere
Glo Balls-Apricot, Apricot with red dot, orange, white and Jimi Hendrix 
Marabou - black and yellow, Light Pink  gingersnap, ginger, Crawdad tricolor-
Rooster Tails -glitter black, bumblebee, sparkle pink, and sparkle orange
Zone 2 
Super Duper- Gold, Silver or Rainbow 
Anything you fish in zone 1 you can also fishing in zone 2
Zone 3
Cheese PowerBait 
Salmon Peach with or without glitter Powerbait
FL orange PowerBait
Salmon Egg Erd PowerBait
Trout Magnet- orange and white grub
Family Fishing Pink Grub, Fl Green Trout worm
Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church
August 8th and 9th Weed Cutting
September 19th and 20th Weed Cutting
September 30th Ladies Free Fishing Day
October 14th Holland Cancer Derby

 I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July weekend. Good luck and be safe. 

Thanks for reading, 
Cory Bennett

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