Fishing Report

How's Fishing? We've  had a great week of fishing with several lunkers being caught. We had several anglers bringing up multiple lunkers on separate occasions. We seen a variety of lures, jigs and flies used this week. In zone 1 and 2, The Rooster Tail in Rainbow Fry, Bumble Bee, Skunk, Gold and Black did great. As far as flies, several anglers reported the blue wing olive and the renegades were productive on top.  Lots of anglers fished glo balls this week in the Jimi Hendrix and Apricot pattern.  In zone 2, Super Dupers in the (Silver- red tip)  and the (Gold-red tip) were on the list of great lures with week. In zone 3,  The Pink Glitter PowerBait  was probably the PowerBait of choice are far as dough baits. Worms were also working well for several anglers on the spring and on the Niangua. The stream is still clear and flowing normal for this time of the year.  We had a great turnout for the Memorial Day Weekend with some huge trout caught. I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend. Good Luck and stay safe.


Stream conditions
Bennett Spring- Gage Height 1.94 feet-
Niangua River-- Gauge Height 1.61- feet

Lunker Club
Ruger Shelton from Park Hills, MO-2.22 lbs- with his Pa Pa's dough bait in zone 3
Pat Goodwin from Charleston, IL-2.11 lbs- with homemade bait in zone 3
Jenny and her dog Tod-3.51lbs- with white and olive marabou in zone 2
Vince Donze from Grain Valley, MO 4.5lbs- with Trout Nuggets in zone 3
Kelly Kaiser from Camdenton, MO 2.25 lbs- with light pink marabou in zone 2
Kelly Kaiser from Camdenton, MO 2.78lbs- with with light pink marabou in zone 2
Richie Brown from  Warrenton, Mo- 2.25lbs- with marabou in zone 2
Melissa Whitten from Long Lane, Mo- 2.0lbs- with a minnow in the Niangua River
John Greer from Sweet Springs- 2.5lbs- with a chamois worm in zone 2
Jason from St. Louis-2075lbs- with a yellow and green jig
Tony Carollo from Lee's Summit, MO-3.25lbs- with a white mopfly in zone2
Kim Smedley from Salisbury, MO- 4lbs- with a white mega worm in zone 2
Micah from New London, MO- 3lbs- with peach glo ball in zone 2
Jordan Morris from Bedford, IN-2lbs- with Rainbow Fry Rooster Tail in zone 2
Jarred Pollard from Warrenton, MO 3.25lbs- with a green grasshopper in zone 2
Mark Lemmon from Kahoka, MO- 2.90lbs- with an orange brassie in zone 2
Kathy Yardley from Blue Springs, MO- 2lbs- with red and yellow marabou in zone1
Todd Bachman from Harrisonville, MO-2lbs- with white thread jig in zone 1
Tina Jarvis from Lebanon, MO-4lbs- with cream mopfly in zone 2
Kelly Kaiser from Camdenton, MO-2lbs- with with a apricot glo ball in zone 2
Jerry Underwood from Sweet Spring-5lbs- with cream mopfly in zone 2
Will Kissee from Shawnee, KS, 3.9lbs- with ginger marabou in zone 1
Darlene Masters from Fulton, MO-2.5lbs- with dough bait in zone 3
Dustin  Ginther from Macon, MO-4.5lbs- with a worm in zone 3
Paul Gross from O'Fallon -3.25lbs- with black marabou in zone 2
Andrew Stewart from Macon, MO- 3.8lbs- with black and yellow mb in zone 1
James Oyler from Lee's Summit, MO- 2.75lbs- with yellow soft hackle
Chick Harris from Cedar Rapids, IA-2.5lbs- with glitter orange PB in zone 3
Andrea Barnes from Clarinda, IA-2.0lbs- with Pink PB in zone 3
Zander Hayden from Clarinda, IA-3.9lbs- with with Tequila Salt PB in zone 3
Adam Maune from Washington, MO- 3.5lbs- with black and yellow mb in zone 1
Aaron Pauley from Fulton, MO-3.25lbs- with dough bait in zone 3
Kevin Martens from O'Fallon, MO-2.5lbs- with a black Rooster Tail in zone 1
Matt Brown from Lawson, MO -2.0lbs- with Jimi Hendrix GB in zone 1
Jennie Heishman from Sedalia, MO-2.25lbs- with shell and brown mb in zone 1
Amanda Hargis from Harrisburg, MO-2lbs- with black and yellow mb in zone 2
Bruce Sharp from Peculiar, MO-2.0lbs- with J Deere Mini Jig
Christopher Pringle from Holt Summit, MO-3.5lbs- with a worm in zone 3
Tina Jarvis from Lebanon, MO 2.25lbs- with a cream mop in zone 2
20 min later --Tina Jarvis from Lebanon, MO 2.25lbs- with a cream mop in zone 2
Jennie Heishman from Sedalia, MO-2.5lbs- with shell and brown mb in zone 1
Zander Hayden from Clarinda, IA-4.0lbs with a minnow in zone 3
Andrea Barnes from Clarinda, IA-4.8lbs  with Pink Powerbait in zone 3
Mike Regen from Knob Noster, MO-3.5 with a Weaver's Tensile Jig in zone 2
Keith Schuster from Camdenton, MO-2.3 lbs with a trout buster in zone 1
Mike Hartsook from Oakville, MO-3.25lbs with a Gold Rooster Tail in zone 1


Zone 1 & 2
Bennett blue crackleback
black crackleback
olive crackleback
white floss
blue wing olive
red mega worm

marabou - brown, gingersnap, red and white, and white, or black
brown wooly bugger
moss wooly bugger with spinner
super duper-zone 2
glo ball - or jimi hendrix
john deere or peach with tail mini jig

Zone 3

live worms
Pink PowerBait
pink plastic worm
PowerBait nuggets

Fishing Hours
June 6:30am-8:30pm
July 6:30am-8:30pm
August 7:00am-8:00pm
September 7:30-7:15pm
October 7:30-6:30pm

Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church
June 27th and 28th-Weed Cutting
August 8th and 9th Weed Cutting
September 19th and 20th Weed Cutting
September 30th Ladies Free Fishing Day
October 14th Holland Cancer Derby
I hope everyone has a safe weekend.
Thanks for reading,
Cory Bennett  

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