Fishing Report

How's Fishing?
The fishing has been good this week. I was able to get down a couple times this week to throw a line. I had the most success with the cream mop fly. I fished the cream mop under an indicator approximately 4 feet with a fly rod. I also used my spinning rod and reel and fished the cream mop with a split shot and also caught a couple fish. The guys next to me were slaying the fish with a John Deere mini jigs. It seemed liked ever other cast they were bringing in a fish. Lots of top water action this week during the early mornings and late afternoon. The trout seem to be pretty deep during the mid afternoon as the temperature has been pretty hot. The water is looking great and very clear. We hope everyone had a great week and good luck on the stream!  
Jack and his Grandpa Eddie from Harrisburg, MO
Water Levels
NIANGUA RIVER gauge height-1.17-
BENNETT SPRING-gauge height-2.09-
Robbie from Kaiser, MO
Weather Forecast
Saturday: low 70 and high 97
Sunday: low 64 and high 84
Monday: low 67 and high 97
Tuesday: low 70and high 92
Wednesday: low 66 and high 92
Thursday: low 67 and high 94
Friday: low 69 and high 96
Saturday: low 70 and high 98
Zone 1 or 2
(Bennett Blue), Red with grizzly hackle
Mop Flies- cream and chartreus 
Glow Balls-Jimi Hendix, chartreus, Original tri color
Marabou - (black and yellow), (ginger snap) and (shell and white)
Zone 3
PowerBait- Power Eggs, Trout Magnet-Mini orange and worms
Lunker Board
Danny from Smithton, IL -3.25 pounder  with olive marabou in Zone 2
Noah from Texas - 2.5 pounder with black and yellow marabou in Zone 1
Hunter from Lebanon caught this 2 pounder with White PowerBait in zone 3
Drake from Kansas City caught this 2.4 on a minnow in zone 3
Mackaylie from Upstate New York- 2.4 she caught it on a minnow in zone 3. 
Alex from Belton, MO -2.25 pounder with a black Rooster Tail in zone 1
Wyatt from Troy, Mo  2 pounds with black marabou in zone 2!
Travis from Oblong Illinois got this nice 2 1/4 pound with black and gold marabou in zone 1.
Steve from Palmyra, MO 2.5 pounds with a jig zone 1 
                       Jack from Harrisburg, MO  2 pounds with mop fly in Zone2

Upcoming Events for July

NEAT AND NIFTY BIRD NEST-JULY 09Bird nests come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made from sticks, leaves, grass, rocks and even spider silk. Birds do all the work without having hands! Some nests are located high in trees, and others on the ground. Why is this?


Join park staff on a walking tour of historic Civilian Conservation Corps structures. You will learn about familiar structures such as the gauge house and bridge as well some lesser-known structures located in the woods and underwater.

Meet in the parking lot near Shelter A. The walking surface is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

 Fishing Quote of the week-

“Be patient and calm – for no one can catch fish in anger,” Herbert Hoover.

Dad Fishing Joke of the week!- 

Why are fish so smart? Because they swim in schools!

 Have a great weekend everyone, Thanks for reading,


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