Fishing Report

How's Fishing?
We had a great week of fishing. Kids Free Fishing day was awesome as we had several nice lunkers brought up. We also had several Rainbows that were 1.5 to 1.75 pounds. Shout out to Ben Havens and his crew at the Missouri Department of Conservation. They had the stream stocked great and gave out 450 free tags to kids. I was able to get down and do some fishing with my daughter Ellie who caught and released a nice lunker.  I also tied flies with the Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group and handed out over 100 flies to kids. The Ozark Fly Fisherman's Association handed out several nice fly vest and fly rods kits to kids. I saw several nice fish taken out and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. 
The stream is looking great and is at around average level. Several nice trout are in the stream and are ready to be caught. The trout have been a little choosy on what they want  but don't get discouraged. Just change your tactics up and have some fun. I tried a couple different flies that I normally don't throw and was pretty successful. 
I hope everyone has a great week. Have fun, be safe and we'll see you on the stream. 

Stream conditions
Cracklebacks: bennett blue, green, and red
midge - black or red zebra
double trouble
sow bugs
scuds- shrimp scud-in a gray
Quill Gordon duck wing
White Elk Hair Caddis.

Zone 1 & 2
marabou: black & yellow, gingersnap, red,, red and black, orange and white
white thread
john deere mini jig
bead spread mini jig
glo ball -new tri color(come see it) original tri color, jimi hendrix
Rooster Tail, sparkle orange, spark white, and skunk

Zone 3
salmon egg
live worms
PowerBait: yellow, salmon peach, white and red
1. Aiden Swanson from Glasgow, Mo, 2 pounder in zone 2 on a black rooster tail.
2. George Westhues from Glasgow, Mo, 2.1 pounder in zone 2 on a black rooster tail. 3. Logan Myers from Lee Summit, 3 pounder in zone 1 on a pink and red marabou. 4. Mason Wilson from Park Hills, Mo, 5 pounder in zone 2 on a black and yellow marabou.5. Ritchie Branstietter from Lathrop, Mo, 2.1 pounder on a crawdad marabou in zone 2. 
6. Alexander Blasingame from Wentzville, Mo caught this nice 5.25 pounder in zone 3 on orange power bait.
7. Kaiden Demorest and Jonah Daniel both caught 2 1/4 pounder with marabou in zone 1
8. Joseph Davidson from Montgomery, 5 1/4 pounder in zone 1 with a black and yellow marabou.  
9. Cooper Brown, 2 1/2 pounder in zone 1 using a white and peach marabou.
10. Hunter Funsler from Auxvasse, Mo, 4 1/2 pounder in zone 1 on a black and yellow marabou.  
11. Henry Watson from Jefferson City, Mo, 2 pounder in zone 3 with a minnow.
12. Ellie Bennett from Weavers Tackle Store, 2 pounder with a cream mop fly in zone 2
13. George Westhues from Glasgow-2nd lunker, 2 3/4 pounds with black and yellow marabou in zone 2.  
14. Aiden Swanson 2nd lunker, 2 1/2 pounds with a black and yellow marabou in zone 2.
15. Drake Moorman from Springfield, IL, 2 pounder in zone 2 with a white and red mop fly. 16. Sophi Crump for Nixa, Mo, 3.1 pounder in zone 3 with shrimp.
17. Calin Knapp from Palmyra, Mo, 2 1/4 pounder in zone 2 with a black and yellow marabou.  
18. Bobbi Burg from Maryville, Mo, 2.7 pounder in zone 3 on a blue and yellow worm.
19. Aiden Swanson from Glasgow, MO 3rd lunker, 2.25 pounds with a cream mopfly in zone 2  
20. Colton Hensley from Fulton, MO, 2 pounder with a gingersnap marabou in zone 2
21. John Greer from Sweet Spring, MO, 2 pounder with a chamois fly in zone 2
22. James Shortel, 2.25 pounder with PowerBait in zone 3  
23. Johnny Lynn from East Alton, IL, 2 .75 pounder with a trout magnet is zone 3
24. Greg Lewis from Farmington, Mo, 4 pounder in zone 3 using a minnow
Fishing Hours
May  6:30am-8:15pm
June 6:30am-8:30pm
July 6:30am-8:30pm
August 7:00am-8:00pm
September 7:30-7:15pm
October 7:30-6:30pm

Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church
May 17th and 18th- Weed Cutting
June 27th and 28th-Weed Cutting
August 8th and 9th Weed Cutting
September 19th and 20th Weed Cutting
September 30th Ladies Free Fishing Day
October 14th Holland Cancer Derby
I hope everyone has a safe weekend.
Thanks for reading,
Cory Bennett  

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