Fishing Report

How’s Fishing?
We have had a good couple weeks of fishing. We have had some cool weather though for the most part the conditions have made for some good fishing. Dry flies have been working great the past few days as there has been a white Caddis hatch. So if you like throwing a dry, find something in your fly collection that is white in a 16 or 18 just in case you notice some top water action happening. John Deere mini jigs have also worked well for several anglers this week.  A couple anglers reported they were stripping them and catching several trout.  The original tri color glo ball was another popular jig this week.

Bennett Spring News: A very popular topic has been the Missouri Department of Conservation “Angler Public Survey” The survey has some very interesting questions. I am most definitely not trying to start a debate but make sure if you are an avid Bennett Spring goer then please take the time to complete the survey on Missouri Department of Conservations Website

This Saturday is kids free fishing. So come on out to the spring with your kiddos and let them enjoy some free fishing.
I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. We'll see you on the stream. 

Cracklebacks: bennett blue, red
midge - black or red zebra
Renegades, original and firecracker red
griffiths gnat
sow bugs
scuds- shrimp scud-in a gray
White Elk Hair Caddis.

Zone 1 & 2
marabou: black & yellow, gingersnap, white, (shell and white) and shell
white or cream thread jig
john deere mini jig
glo ball -easter egg, original tri color, jimi hendrix, peach
Rooster Tail Skunk, Sparkle Orange and Brown

Zone 3
salmon egg
live worms
PowerBait: white, salmon peach

Austin Deming from Prairie Village, MO-2 pounder with a brown jig in zone 1
Brittany Cohen from Elkland, MO-2 pounder with a minnow  
Kevin Braun from Clinton, MO-2.5 pounder with Yellow PowerBait in zone 3
Jay Slater from Quincy, IL- 2.75 pounder with a black roach in zone 1
Scott Mogelnicki from Wright City, MO-2 pounder with a glo ball in zone 2
Jarrod Buffa from St Charles, MO, 2 pounder with Kapok in zone 2  
Jim Dockin from Sioux Falls, SD, 2lbs with white and yellow marabou in zone 2

Fishing Hours
April 7:00am-7:30pm
May  6:30am-8:15pm
June 6:30am-8:30pm
July 6:30am-8:30pm
August 7:00am-8:00pm
September 7:30-7:15pm
October 7:30-6:30pm

Bennett Spring Events:
Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church
May 6th Kids Fishing
May 17th and 18th- Weed Cutting
June 27th and 28th-Weed Cutting
August 8th and 9th Weed Cutting
September 19th and 20th Weed Cutting
September 30th Ladies Free Fishing Day
October 14th Holland Cancer Derby
I hope everyone has a safe weekend.
Thanks for reading,
Cory Bennett

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