Fishing Report

How's Fishing?
I believe fall is officially upon us. The leaves are changing and the campfire weather is here. The fishing has been great too! The past couple of weeks we have had some very nice brought up to be weighed. So what is working? Well, whether you like them or not-the cream mop fly seems to be the go-to for several anglers. The mop fly can be fished with a spinning rod or a fly rod. If you’re using a spinning rod, I suggest throwing it with a split shot or a weighted bobber “indicator.” If you like throwing marabou-   (Orange and white), (shell and white), (black and red) and (ginger snap) have worked very well the past couple weeks. The beatles and the cracklebacks have also been very popular and worked well on the stream. The Holland Derby at Bennett Spring is this Saturday. I hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck on the stream. 
Jeremy and Bianca from Hannibal
Friday-low of 43 and high of 64
Saturday-low of 35 and high of 63
Sunday-low of 43 and high of 73
Monday-low of 52 and high of 79
Tuesday-low of 54 and high of 76
Wednesday-low of 57 and high of 79
Thursday-low of 48 and high of 69
Friday-low of 42 and high of 67
Saturday-low of 47 and high of 73
Stream Conditions
 Bennett Spring
Niangua River 
Zone 1 and Zone 2
Renegade, Quill Gordon and  Griffiths Gnat
Black midge
Cream mop Fly
John Deere and Gray Deere Mini Jig
Jimi Hendrix, Tri Color original and the apricot
Marabou -(Orange and white), (shell and white), (black and red) and (ginger snap)    
Zone 3 Worms, White and Salmon Peach Powerbait
Bentley's Secret Bait    
Lunker Club
Noah from New Athens, IL -2.75 with an orange mop fly in zone 1


Brody from Overbrook, KS -3.5 pounds with a mop fly in zone 2

Polly from St. Peters, MO 3.25 pounds with a homemade jig called a Papa Roach in zone 1

Mark from Olathe, KS- 2.25 pounds with a cream mop fly in zone 2

Fay from New London, MO-3 pounds with a minnow in zone 3.

Ron from KC-3 pounds with a white jig in zone 2

Evan from Jefferson City - 2.5 pounds with yellow dough bait in zone 3

Sheryl from Stover, MO -2 pounds with a PowerBait worm in zone 3

Kim from Dearborn -2 pounds with a cream mop fly in zone 1


October Events 

Friends of Bennett Fly Tying -October 12, 2022

Sunbonnet Garden Club and Bennett Spring Nature Center Art Contest-Oct 13-Oct 30th

Stroll and Roll-Halloween Costume/cosplay-October 15

Live animal show -October 15


Fishing Quote of the Week

“My biggest worry is that my wife (when I’m dead) will try to sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.”  ~ Koos Brandt

I hope everyone has a fun filled and safe weekend. Thanks for reading, 




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