Fishing Report

How's Fishing?
We have had some good fishing this week and a great start to the 4th of July weekend. Half a dozen anglers say the fish are sub surface and the other half  say they are deep. Lots of anglers, specifically the fly fisherman, have been stripping cracklebacks and catching fish. Marabou has also been doing really well. Of course everyone says black and yellow is the way to go in the mornings and the light colors such as (shell and white) and (powder puff pink) have been working great in the mid mornings and afternoon. 
Speaking of marabou, if you haven't looked at this month's edition of Trout Talk then you need to stop in and grab one. The article "Full-time fly tyer" by Chris Roden was featured in Trout Talk, spot lighting long time fly tyer Bernice Jenkins. You might not know Bernice but I bet you have probably have  fished one of her beautifully tied marabou jigs. Bernice who is 86 years old has been tying for 68 years and was one of the first fly tyers for Weaver's Tackle when it opened in 1973. We would like to thank Bernice and all her years she has dedicated to fishing and Weaver's Tackle.
Have a safe and fun weekend everyone! Good luck on the stream!
Water Levels
NIANGUA RIVER gauge height-1.21-
BENNETT SPRING-gauge height-2.16-
The Wallaces from Winfield, MO
Weather Forecast
Saturday: low 69 and high 83
Sunday: low 71 and high 89
Monday: low 73 and high 95
Tuesday: low 77 and high 100
Wednesday: low 76 and high 101
Thursday: low 77 and high 98
Friday: low 75 and high 96
Saturday: low 72 and high 92
Zone 1 or 2
(Bennett Blue), Red with grizzly hackle
Mop Flies, yellow, cream and tan
Glow Balls-Jimi Hendrix, light roe with red dot and Original tri color
Marabou - black and yellow, ginger, red and black, black and chartreus, shell and white 
Zone 3
PowerBait- Salmon Peach, White and Glitter, yellow,
worms, Bently's Secret Bait
Lunker board 
Ryan from Kansas City, MO- 4lbs
Perry Muncie from Arlington, TX
Jason from Parkhills, MO 

Upcoming Events for July

NEAT AND NIFTY BIRD NEST-JULY 09Bird nests come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made from sticks, leaves, grass, rocks and even spider silk. Birds do all the work without having hands! Some nests are located high in trees, and others on the ground. Why is this?


Join park staff on a walking tour of historic Civilian Conservation Corps structures. You will learn about familiar structures such as the gauge house and bridge as well some lesser-known structures located in the woods and underwater.

Meet in the parking lot near Shelter A. The walking surface is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Jerry from Centralia, IL

Fishing Quote of the Week

The fish and I were both stunned and disbelieving to find ourselves connected by a line. - William Humphrey in “The Armchair Angler” Read more: 

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