Fishing Report 06/10/2022

How's fishing? We have had some great weather this past week with a little rain here and there. The stream is  starting to clear up and looking better everyday. So what's been working? The John Deere Mini Jig has done well this week. It seemed like every customer that came into the store was saying,"John Deere." There are many ways to fish this jig such as on a fly rod or spinning reel. You can jig them or dead drift them with or without an indicator. 

We have free fishing this weekend and a great forcast ahead. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Good luck and be safe!
Marah with her first trout!
Water level
NIANGUA RIVER gauge height-1.94-
BENNETT SPRING-gauge height-2.48-
Noah and Larry with a some great stringers
Weather Forecast
Saturday: low 65 and high 86
Sunday: low 71 and high 95
Monday: low 76 and high 97
Tuesday: low 77 and high 95
Wednesday: low 74 and high 93
Thursday: low 69 and high 89
Friday: low 67 and high 91
Saturday: low 67 and high 94

Zone 1 or 2
Bennett Blue Crackleback 
John Deere Mini Jig
Mop Fly-Cream, chart and white
Original Tri  Glow Ball 
Marabou - black and yellow, black and orange, and black and chartreuse 

Zone 3
PowerBait- Salmon Peach and Lemon Twist
Lunker board 
Michelle from Russellville, MO- 3.5 lbs with a minnow in zone 3
Ryan from Springfield, MO-3.25lbs with a white marabou in zone 1
Robert from Festus, MO-2.5 with a minnow in zone 3
Dennis from Wentzville, MO- 2.8 with a red and white jig in zone 2

Upcoming Events for June

June 11th- Natures Impact on Mental Health-The program is free and explores the many ways nature can support mental health. Many outdoor activities, interpretive demonstrations and mental health resources will be present.

June 25th- Crazy Flies of Bennett-Join expert John Walther for a demonstration on how to create the 12 Crazy Flies of Bennett.  

Fishing Quote of the week
"Half the charm of fishing is that it generally takes one into beautiful scenery. Catching fish is not all fishing."-J. Aurthur Hutton
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