Fishing Report 03/03/2023

Danny Goldsmith #1 Tag

How’s Fishing? We have finally made it to the 2023 trout season! Anglers travel from all over to experience the opening morning of trout season. It’s truly an experience you will never forget. This year Danny Goldsmith was the siren ringer and started the season off. I couldn’t think of anyone better to be chosen for the #1 tag. Danny is an angler that is always willing to help and pass on the tradition of trout fishing to anyone!

So how did the season start off? The season has started off great with more than 20 lunkers brought up the first day. Many anglers started off with a spinning rod and were using marabou. I would have to say black and yellow marabou took the lead on most popular jig. Many anglers were also slaying the rainbows with Rooster Tails. The zone 3 anglers were pretty successful with PowerBait-“white”, “yellow”, “salmon peach” and “cheese”.

We have had quite a bit of rain today though we’re are shaping up to have a nice weekend. As always the water levels drop pretty quickly on the stream and I think we will have a good weekend of fishing.

All of us at Weaver’s are excited for another year and can’t wait to see everyone. Have a great season everyone! Good luck, be safe and as always, we will see you on the stream!

BENNETT SPRING gage height 4.14 feet

NIANGUA RIVER gage height 12.56 feet

Zone 1 and Zone 2- cream mopfly, orange mopfly, white mega worm, renegade, Bennett blue crackleback, white thread jig,Gold plate- black and yellow, marabou- black and yellow marabou, ginger snap, black, shell, shell & white. John Deere mini jig, peacock jig, white glo ball, Jimi Hendrix glo ball and Lt Roe glo ball.

Zone 3 - PowerBait(Yellow, white, salmon peach, cheese and orange.) Bentleys Secret Bait.


Sarah Brown 4.5 pounds


Tracy from Waynesville , MO-2.5 and 2.25 LBS with the same orange plast worm for both in zone 3

Scott from Waynesville, MO 2.25 pounder with yellow PowerBait in Zone 3

Kaiden from Freeman, Mo. 2.5 pound in zone 2 on a black and yellow marabou.

Barry from Lees Summit, Mo. 2 pounds in zone 2 on a black and yellow marabou.

Justin from Miami, Mo. 2.5 pound on a black and yellow marabou in zone 2.

James from Labanon, Mo. in zone 2 on a pink jig.

Frank “the Legend” from Blue Springs 2.5 pounder with a black and yellow in zone 1

Edward from Bolivar, Mo. 4 pounder on a minnow in zone 3.

Danny from Louisiana, MO2.5 pounder in zone 3 with homemade cheese bait.

Tom - 2.12 pound with a wooly and spinner.

Zach from Willard, Mo. 2.75 pounds on a peach glo ball in zone 2.

Nicholas from Arnold, Mo 2.25 lbs with a black and yellow marabou in zone 1

Keith from Hartsburg, Mo. 2 lbs with white PowerBait in zone 3

Cale from Lone Jack, MO 2.25 lbs with white PowerBait in zone 3!

Bub from Clinton, Mo 3.25 with on a Copper John in zone 1

Rick from Highridge, Missouri 2.5 lbs with black and yellow marabou in zone1

Don from Chesterfield 3 lbs and2.25 with yellow PowerBait in zone 3

Mark from St. Louis 2 lbs with a black Rooster Tail in zone 2

John from Sweet Springs, MO 3 pounds and 2 pounds with a chamois fly in zone 2

Galen from Rich Hill, MO 3 lbs with a black and yellow marabou in zone 1

Delaney from Traverse City, MI 2.5 lbs with a black and yellow marabou in zone 2
Jennifer from High Ridge 2.25 lbs with Bentley’s Secret Bait in zone 3

Josh from Wentzville 3 lbs with a cream mopfly in zone1

Sarah 4.5 pounds with cream mopfly in zone 1

Danny from Hannibal, Mo 2 1/4 pounder in zone 1 on an orange mop fly

Jack from Buffalo, MO 3 pounder on pink and red marabou in zone 1

Jay from Perry, MO 2.25 with a white mini jig in zone 1!

Delaney from Traverse, MI 2.5 lbs with old trusty “black and yellow marabou” in zone 2

Scott from Russellville, MO 2.0 lbs with black and yellow marabou- zone 1!

Tyler from Lebanon 2 pounder with a worm in zone 3

Nick from Peculiar, MO 2 lbs with a brown marabou in zone 2

Jamie from Troy 2 lbs with Bentleys Secret Bait in zone 3

Jason from Hillsboro, Mo 2.6 lbs with a trout buster in zone 1

Tyler Gregory from Tibbetts, MO with white fly in zone 1

Sara Gregory from Tibetts, Mo 2.25!with rainbow Roost Tail in zone 1

Zac from O'Fallon, MO-2lbs with a cream mopfly in zone 1

Kyle from Nevada, MO 2.75lbs with a bumblebee fly in zone 1

D. Cooley 3.1lbs with yellow PowerBait in zone 3

Bennett Spring Events
Bennett Spring Fly Tying Group- Every Wednesday @ 9 at the Bennett Spring Church

Story Time Programs -MARCH 4, 11, 18, 25 from 11-11:45 @ the Nature Center

Art Rubbings - March 9th from 10 to noon @ the Nature Center


Veterans Day fishing April 15th
See for more Bennet Spring Events and dates

Have fun, stay safe and tight lines!

Thanks for reading,

Cory Bennett

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